A broad and deep range of production.

We provide professional and specialized processing.

We have direct access to an entire pool of technological components and systems. As a result, there is almost no technical challenge that we cannot meet. Samples and new developments are produced (from our development and prototyping centre in Jena) in low volume, nevertheless professionally, with flexibility and above-average speed.

Medium and large volume productions are executed by our partners in Central Germany (especially in Thuringia), who have an extensive production capacity at their command. State-of-the-art production facilities, i.e., SMD lines (with high flexibility and a throughput assembling capacity), current AOI, X-ray machines, THT production facilities, highly efficient test fields, painting facilities (full and selective), assembly facilities – all these can be provided from our partners. Optimal solutions are provided to you from our highly qualified and motivated employees.

Specifically, to meet the requirements of the light industry, we work primarily with partners who enable ENEC-compliant production. Thus, we also support the development and certification process for ENEC-compliant LED circuit boards and LED modules.

A broad and deep range of production.


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